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Charlie Dyson

Alberto 'Kazuya'
The second interview in Gakkon is dedicated to a lover of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises. Owner of an awesome collection and international reference of these series, from UK the friend Charlie Dyson "Soracloud" answers our questions.
Charlie Dyson Kingdom Hearts stuff

G: What was the first contact you had with a video game system?

I believe the first video game system I played was the original Sega Mega Drive or the first Game Boy system.

G: Game / platform / and favorite genre.

My favourite game is Kingdom Hearts 1 which also sets up my favourite platform being the Playstation 2 and genre being RPGs, many of my favourite games were on the Playstation 2 or from that generation.

G: Choose 5 favorite items from your collection and explain the reason for the choice.

My favourite item in my collection is Kingdom Hearts 2 Press Kit as I searched for a long time to find this gem, another is the Kingdom Hearts 1 original launch invite as I am certain it is the last one that exists, the Final Fantasy X Press Kit because FFX is my favourite Final Fantasy but also one of mine is signed, the Kingdom Hearts 2002 Playstation 2 bundle is also in my top 5 and extremely lucky to have obtained one, and lastly the Crisis Core promo as I love the game and the promo edition for it is rarest piece.

G: At what time do you decide to start collecting and why?

I have been collecting on and off for many years both lightly and heavily, I am picky with what I collect and my main focus item wise is rarities and not just everything like common item.

Kingdom Hearts rarest piece: Kingdom Hearts Press Materials. Only 100 units.

G: Analyzing your collection, we see a preference for the world of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. What makes them so special for you?

Kingdom Hearts is forever special to me, it resonated with me the day I played it back in 2002 because of many reasons, story, writing and the music, I think everyone has that one game that affects them greatly inside, Final Fantasy also is the same for me but I these reasons are from nostalgic feeling from when I was young.

G: Have you decided to try and collect other RPG franchises?

Yeah lots of times I have collected heavily for other RPGs including Persona, Chrono Trigger and Danganronpa etc but I find with other series now I only go for special rarities in those series and do not collect heavily for them now.

G: On Instagram you have near 3000 followers and each photo is a dedication to the world of you favorite franchises and the collecting that surrounds it. What do you think about your influence when it comes to helping and guiding other users?

I never thought when I started my page that I would create a influence but I have since heard I have influenced many which is amazing for me as my page is about what I love and I want people that see my posts to also know how and where that item actually originated from and a small article referencing so people can learn something new at the same time.

November 2002 EU Kingdom Hearts Playstation 2 bundle.

G: What is the best and the worst when starting in the collection of video games?

I would say the best is when you finally find your own personal "holy grail" item you have been looking for, the worst would definitely be trying to actually find that item as it really can take many years or if not never.

G: Have you ever thought about stopping collecting?

As I have said I decided to stop collecting for other series but as for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy I would not stop, I may slow down or take break at some point but never stop altogether and I reccomend more to start in some way wether it is new or old.

G: Kingdom Hearts III will return soon, do you think it will deserve so many years of waiting?

Yes without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts III to long time original fans is incredibly special and long awaited in both good and bad ways, there is the immense excitement to finally see its conclusion and then there is also coming to terms with the ride that has been Kingdom Hearts and the wait for Kingdom Hearts III will be at its end ( for the most part ) hard to explain that particular feeling but none the less I urge new fans to play every title before the final so they are up to date to understand better.